A flame metaphor

Women Who Dare began as a spark of imagination. Ignited by the founding story of Clif Bar, the first fuel for Women Who Dare was my own experiences as an outspoken, adventuring woman.

Throughout the fall and winter, I kept my flame for Women Who Dare at a low burn. Sometimes, especially on long bike rides, I’d feel the desire to be out gathering stories right now. But mostly, in moments of doubt, I relied on embers of my passion to provide reassurance about Women Who Dare’s importance.

Recently, too, I’ve had help fanning the flames of Women Who Dare. For press coverage, maps from the Adventure Cycling Association, and your continued support, I am so grateful. Don’t forget to spread the word about the project, the deadline for recommending a woman is March 31st!

Good press

News outlets in Maine and the Tahoe area have been good to the Women Who Dare project. Check out these features in the Pen Bay Pilot and the Tahoe Daily Tribune!


Strong funding and support from the Adventure Cycling Association

The past two weeks have boosted funding for the Women Who Dare project to $2,980. With the addition of AMAZING maps from the Adventure Cycling Association, this is enough to cross nearly half of the United States!

I am confident that, with 10 days left, I’ll garner enough support to interview Women Who Dare on a route across the entire United States.


Ten days left to suggest a woman!

You’ve been thinking to yourself about how your neat friend would really be interested in Women Who Dare, but then something comes up and you don’t quite hit the forward button. Sound familiar?

Well, today is the day to hit send on that email! There are only 10 days left to submit an amazing women for potential inclusion on my cross-country route. So, stop reading and pass the word along.

Happy spring!


After a break from the wintery weather, I found a temporary bike and took some long rides in the Tahoe area. I hope you’re getting outside, too.

P.S. Know anyone who might be selling a 54 cm touring bike? Or panniers? Drop me a note: kerry.m.gross[at]gmail.com


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