Kerry Gross spent the summer of 2017 biking across the United States, gathering stories of inspirational women.


After graduating from Bates College with a degree (and great interest) in the social sciences, Kerry began a career in market research. Working first for a boutique agency, and then later for an international media company, Kerry quickly learned the ins and outs of business-to-consumer and business-to-business research.

After three years, working as both a market research supplier and client, Kerry realized that she wanted to answer research questions that required more intensive statistical techniques. So, Kerry headed back to school to pursue a Ph.D. in Sociology. At Indiana University, Kerry’s course load emphasized statistics and her research addressed the relationship between place, space, and social networks. 


During her time at Indiana University, Kerry began adventure racing. The challenge of endurance racing paired with on-your-feet navigation coupled Kerry’s love for outdoor adventure with her competitive spirit. In her first year racing, Kerry was privileged to race with many different team configurations and race lengths. 

During the summer of 2016, Kerry challenged herself to a modified Ironman training program. Initially conceived as preparation for the US Adventure Racing Nationals, this training proved to be a catalyst for a bigger life change.

In August, while on a long training ride, Kerry realized that she wanted to be learning while biking around the country rather than while sitting in a classroom. Knowing that her ride would need more focus to be personally sustainable, Kerry spent the next few weeks considering a central focus for her adventure. A long swim after reading the story on the back of a Clif Bar was all the spark Kerry needed to kick of her Women Who Dare project.

“I knew that if I wanted these stories, I should go and find them myself.”





Since finishing the tour and the Women Who Dare podcast, Kerry has jumped into a new adventure: owning and managing a data analytics company. Check it out here.