Episode 3: Pushing Too Hard

Inverness Park, CA to Bend, OR | April 26-May 8, 2017   | Subscribe


After an easy first 5 days, Kerry dives into a long 13 days of riding. First, she spends six days riding up the coast of California, with a brief detour inland to avoid the Lost Coast. Though riding Route 1 up the California coast is beautiful, it’s also filled with headwinds and flat tires.

From the northwestern corner of California, she turns east into Oregon for a rest day in Ashland. While there, she stresses about crossing the Cascades. Where will she get water? Will there be snow? And what about the cold?

In the end, she makes it to Bend and interviews Kristin Luck.

Released March 20, 2018

Interview: Kristin Luck, entrepreneur and founder of Women in Research

Recorded May 8, 2017 in Bend, OR  | Subscribe

(If you’d rather, here’s a transcript of the interview.)

 Kristin Luck is a successful entrepreneur and growth strategy consultant. She started her career in market research at Lieberman Worldwide. While there, she realized she wanted to be a part of market research’s transition to online platforms. So, she moved to Nielsen to implement an online research platform, and the moved on to start her first of two tech start-ups. Now, she runs the Luck Collective and helps other companies scale up for growth.

In addition to her illustrious research and start-up career, Kristin also founded Women in Research; a non-profit whose aim is to advance the contributions and voice of women in the market research industry.

Kerry found Kristin in Bend, Oregon. They talked about following your gut, choosing challenge, and how to surround yourself with people smarter than you. Also, Kristin shares her tips for decision-making and ideation.

Released March 20, 2018



Episode 2: First Days on the Road

Fairfield, CA to Inverness Park, CA | April 21-25, 2017   | Subscribe

Before host Kerry Gross can offically start the Women Who Dare ride, she has a few things to finish up. First, she takes a quick shakedown ride. Then, she skis one last day and packs her belongings.

Finally, she hits the road! The first five days take her from Fairfield, CA to Berkeley, CA and then north to Petaluma and Inverness Park. Along the way, she finds headwinds, hunger, and three remarkable women.

Released March 13, 2018

Interview: Shannon Thompson, founder of Shakti Rising

Recorded April 25, 2017 in Inverness Park, CA  | Subscribe

 Shannon Thompson is the founder of Shakti Rising, an organization dedicated to the development of girls, women, and communities. Shakti Rising began as an apprenticeship program and has grown to include many forms of leadership training. With branches all over the world, Shakti has become a strong leader in the radical recovery and re-education of women.

Kerry found Shannon in Inverness Park, CA during her second week of the Women Who Dare ride. They talked about having the courage to follow one’s own path, how to build community, and the importance of being warm, willing, and open.

For more about Shakti, check out their website

Released March 13, 2018



Interview: Lila Singh, founder of RISE Yoga for Youth

Recorded April 25, 2017 in Petaluma, CA  | Subscribe

 Lila Singh is the founder of RISE Yoga for Youth, a non-profit bringing yoga to schools in the San Francisco Bay Area. The spark for RISE came when Lila was living and teaching to yoga to teens in New York City. She moved across the country with the idea for RISE and $5,000. Since then, the nonprofit has flourished to serve more than 2,000 students in 14 schools.

Kerry caught up with Lila in Petaluma California during the first week of the Women Who Dare ride. They talked about building a safe place for yoga in the chaotic stream of Bay Area public schools and how to turn passion into a successful nonprofit.

For more about Lila’s teen teaching, check out her website

Released March 13, 2018




Interview: Abby Vogel, senior captain Cal Women’s Rugby Team

Recorded April 22, 2017 in Berkeley, CA  | Subscribe

 Abby Vogel was the senior captain of Cal Women’s Rugby and member of numerous All-American rugby teams. Kerry caught up with Abby on the Cal Berkeley campus just before Abby graduated. They talked about learning how to live a high performance life and what it’s like to be a rugby player in everyday life.

Released March 13, 2018


Episode 1: Plotting the Project

Winter 2017   | Subscribe

Host Kerry Gross knew she would spend the spring and summer biking to meet and interview remarkable women. What she didn’t know was who she would talk to, what route she would take, or how to pay for it all. So, she spent the winter figuring it out.

First, she asked people for their recommendations of women who’ve inspired them, in their lives. Then, she took those recommendations and plotted out five 1,200 mile routes, connected by Amtrak. Here’s what the plan looked like:

Meanwhile, she worked on gathering funding for the project. The process had its ups and downs. Well, to be honest, they were mostly downs.

Then, it was nearly time to go! So, Kerry rushed around finding the right gear for the trip. Here it all is, just before being packed:

Released March 6, 2018

Interview: Brandi Brown, founder and owner of Tahoe Production House

Recorded April 17, 2017 in South Lake Tahoe, CA |Subscribe

Brandi Brown is founder and owner of Tahoe Production House in South Lake Tahoe. Kerry and Brandi spoke just days before Kerry left on the Women Who Dare ride. In their interview, Brandi talks about founding a business as a young woman, breaking into the film industry, and deciding to make Tahoe home. For more about Brandi and Tahoe Production House, check out their website.

Released March 6, 2018


Interview: Megan Michelson, freelance writer and outdoorswoman

Recorded April 17,2017 in Tahoe City, CA  | Subscribe

Megan Michelson is a freelance writer, with bylines in such notable publications as Outside Magazine, ESPN, and Men’s Journal. Kerry interviewed Megan at her home in Tahoe City, just before leaving on the Women Who Dare ride. They spoke about Megan’s path into journalism and how to honor a subject while still telling a compelling story. To read some of Megan’s work, check out her website.

Released March 6, 2018


Episode 0: Origins Story

Women Who Dare from the beginning |Subscribe

Kerry Gross wanted more stories of inspirational women. So, she decided to spend 5 months biking 5,700 miles to find them. The Women Who Dare podcast is the result. This is its origin story. The first episode premiers March 6.

Released February 1, 2018