Episode 18: The End of the Road

Buckland, MA to Camden, ME | September 6-17, 2017 and Beyond | Subscribe

When Kerry leaves Buckland, MA, she knows she’ll be wrapping up the Women Who Dare ride soon, but she still isn’t sure where. A few days on the road in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island provide some clarity. It’s time to head home to Maine.

But first, some relaxation and reflection in a favorite place.

After that, it’s time to start heading north again. Tracing the bubble of route 495 through Massachusetts, Kerry finds family and friends. Then, she rides up the coast of New Hampshire and Maine as far as Brunswick. She spends her final night on the road playing games with friends and her final day riding north and then east to Camden.

Her parents even ride along with her as she comes into town.

And, with that, the Women Who Dare ride is officially over. But, there’s sure to be more from the Women Who Dare project. Join the email list to be the first to know what’s coming next!


Released July 10, 2018

Episode 17: Decisions, Decisions

Boston, MA to Buckland, MA | August 31-September 5, 2017 | Subscribe

Continuing on her northeastern tour, Kerry starts by spending a few days in Boston. While in the city, she interviews Colette Chretien, catches up with old friends, and starts planning for more interviews over the holiday weekend.

Though plans aren’t firm on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, Kerry gets on her bike anyway and heads toward western Massachusetts. Thouroughly drenched by the tail end of Hurricane Harvey, Kerry ends up spending the weekend in Pioneer Valley with friends. While there, some big decisions are made.

Then, it’s time to bike north to meet Alice Parker. Though the ride there doesn’t go quite as planned, a brief talk with Alice is worth the hike-a-bike.


Released July 3, 2018

Interview: Colette Chretien, founder and principle designer at La Fille Colette

Recorded September 1, 2017 in Newton, MA  | Subscribe

Colette Chretien is the founder and principle designer at La Fille Colette, a boutique dress company. Though La Fille Colette started as a way for Colette to bring her dress-designing skills to market, it has grown to incorporate a strong ethical premise. Not only does Colette design dresses that are utilitarian–designed to be as comfortable and fashionable at work as they are for after-work drinks and a night out–she also uses materials and production practices which are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Kerry found Colette in Newton, MA. They talked fast and slow fashion, dress designing, and entrepreneurship.

Released July 3, 2018



Episode 16: First Taste of New England

Camden, ME to Boston, MA | August 15-30, 2017 |Subscribe

From Washington, DC, Kerry takes the night train back to Boston and gets a ride back to Maine. Though the drive feels too fast, in comparison to touring speed, it has the benefit of getting her back to Maine in time to celebrate her friend’s wedding.

Soon enough, it’s time to start off again on the final, northeastern leg of the Women Who Dare ride. For the first 10 miles of Part 5, Kerry is joined by her mom. Then, Kerry cointines on south while her mom loops home again.

The way south through Maine is filled with time spent with family and friends. Finally, after a few days of riding and few days of visiting, Kerry makes it out of Maine, along the beautiful New Hampshire coast, and into Massachusetts.


Released June 26, 2018

Interview: Rebecca Goodale, book artist

Recorded August 27, 2017 in Freeport, ME  | Subscribe

Rebecca Goodale is a book artist and Art Department faculty member at The University of Southern Maine. Her passion for making books started when she was quite young–she sold her first book, My Chicken, to her mother for a quarter.

Her teaching career started much later, when she took a position in Georgia State University as a way to fund her burgeoning career as an artist. Since then, she’s grown to embody the teacher role, even if she will always be an artist first.

Though many of her pieces (which can be seen here) are solo works, Rebecca also loves to collaborate. As she comments, “I think when I collaborate, we’re no longer [two people], we’re this new being. And that’s really fun.”

Kerry found Rebecca at her home in Freeport, ME. There, they talked about making a life from art, working in collaboration, and being a feminist.

Released June 26, 2018


Episode 15: GAP Trail and C&O Canal Towpath

Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC | August 6-14, 2017 |Subscribe

From Pittsburgh to DC, Kerry rides the GAP Trail and the C&O Canal Towpath. It’s a 330+ mile ride, covered exclusively on trails.

At first, Kerry finds it hard to adjust to life without cars. By the time she crosses the Mason Dixon Line, though, she’s fully immersed in her thoughts.

The transition to the C&O Canal Towpath is a bit muddy, like riding through peanut butter, and there is one slight detour.

After that, though, it’s smooth sailing for three days into Washington, DC.

With her arrival in the capitol, Kerry is officially done with part four of the Women Who Dare ride!

Released June 19, 2018


Interview: Beth Leonard, sailor, author, and world circumnavigator

Recorded August 13, 2017 in Arlington, VA  | Subscribe

 Beth Leonard was once an international business consultant for McKinsey. After a harrowing flight, plus some encouragement from her husband, they quit their consulting jobs and headed out for a quick sailing adventure. Coming back home after their first 3 years of circumnavigation didn’t feel right. So, they decided to return to the ocean once more.

Now, more than 20 years later, Beth is back ashore with new insights on life. She’s found a job helping a business grow, rather than intentionally shrinking, she’s learning how to translate the priorities she gained at sea back into her shore life, and she’s looking forward to writing more soon.

Kerry found Beth at her home in Arlington, VA. They talked about partnership, sailing, and fulfilling one’s own needs.

Released June 19, 2018


Episode 14: Crossing Ohio

Bloomington, IN to Pittsburgh, PA | July 28-August 5, 2017 |Subscribe

Leaving Bloomington, IN, Kerry has eight days to ride 500 miles to Pittsburgh, PA. The first day starts on roads that Kerry loves, but quickly devolves into ugly, flat two-lane highway.

The next day isn’t terribly much better, with Kerry’s mind playing funny tricks with passing drivers. If this misery keeps up, it’s going to be a long ride to Pittsburgh.

Brighter futures are to be found in Ohio, where Kerry meets the operations manager for the Dayton-area Metro Parks, who gives her better directions onto bike paths. Soon, she’s cruising on the Ohio to Erie Trail toward Columbus.

Then, after 6 days in Ohio, Kerry finally crosses into Pennsylvania, riding down Route 51 into Pittsburgh for a rest day.

Released June 12, 2018

Interview: Lora Woodward, previous Program Director at Venture Outdoors

Recorded August 6, 2017 in Connellsville, PA  | Subscribe

Lora Woodward spent 10 years working for Venture Outdoors, helping Pittsburghers get outside and enjoy nature in western Pennsylvania. She started working for Venture Outdoors after attending college in Pittsburgh, and then living and teaching English in Thailand. Though she loved this time away, she felt called back to Pittsburgh because of all the things this area has to offer outdoorswomen.

Starting out at Venture Outdoors as a Program Coordinator, Lora built her skills enough to eventually become the Program Director. This steady increase in knowledge and capacity is a defining characteristic of Lora’s life path. Now, she’s working as a life coach and trainer, using her skills to help others move toward their personal life goals. Check out her new company, Coach Outdoors!

Kerry found Lora in Connellsville, PA. They talked about learning new things and how to find the next right opportunity.

Released June 12, 2018 

Episode 13: The Good and Bad of Indiana

Chicago, IL to Indianapolis, IN | July 19-27, 2017 |Subscribe

Leaving Chicago, Part 4 of the Women Who Dare ride officially starts. Just south of town, Kerry winds her way on various bike trails. Including one straight through a lake.

Her first night out of town, Kerry is offered a place to sleep by a fellow rider. Not only does it make for good company, it’s nice and dry in the morning, when a surprise thunderstorm rolls through. The next night, Kerry isn’t so lucky when she’s awoken in her tent by gale force winds.

Wet, but not melted into a puddle, Kerry gets up after the storm and rides on to Indianapolis. After a weekend’s rest, the Women Who Dare ride continues with a full day of riding with a dear friend.


Released June 5, 2018