Interview: Amy Hatch, founder of Garage Grown Gear

Recorded June 12, 2017 in Driggs, ID |Subscribe


Amy Hatch is the founder of Garage Grown Gear, a company that finds, reviews and sells good outdoor gear made by small start ups. She started Garage Grown Gear after years of finding new outdoor gear by crawling through online message boards and stopping passersby. Figuring that other people would also be interested in an easier way to find small gear companies, Amy jumped full-force into starting Garage Grown Gear.

Three years later, Garage Grown Gear has grown into a flourishing online gear commerce site and online magazine. Along the way, Amy has learned a few things about being a business owner.

Kerry found Amy at her offices in Driggs, Idaho. They talked about starting companies, getting outside, and the importance of being honest.

Released April 24, 2018




Episode 7: Redefining Remoteness

Missoula, MT to Mammoth Hot Springs, WY | June 1-8, 2017   | Subscribe

Mostly recovered from food poisoning, Kerry sets off for a five-day ride through Montana, from Missoula to Bozeman. Along the way, she finds a riding companion, a new definition for remoteness, and continues to be amazed by wide-open spaces.

Somewhere in there, she also has a birthday and learns a few things about the Big Hole Battlefield National Monument. Then, she rests in Bozeman before riding on to Yellowstone National Park.

She also gets stuck in a thunderstorm. Thank goodness for dumpsters.

Released April 17, 2018

Interview: Ilona Popper, poet, writer, and naturalist

Recorded June 8, 2017 in Gardiner, MT  | Subscribe


Ilona Popper is a poet, writer, and naturalist. Her interest in both writing and wildlife started at a young age; but, at first, she made her life only from writing. To support her creative work, both then and now, she works as a writing teacher and editor.

In her 40s, Ilona decided she needed to reengage with wildlife, and increase her wildlife observation skills. Eventually, she found her way from the east coast to Yellowstone, to be closer to her animal of greatest interest: wolves. Now, she balances her focus between writing, citizen naturalist activities, and working.

Kerry found Ilona in Gardiner, Montana, just north of Yellowstone National Park. They talked about being a naturalist, managing a non-mainstream life, and strategies for good self care.

Released April 17, 2018





Episode 6: Rough Transitions

Seattle, WA to Missoula, MT | May 26-31, 2017   | Subscribe

 Starting with her first true zero day of the trip, Kerry prepares to leave the west coast and catch a train to Whitefish, Montana. When she arrives, she’s amazed at the change in scenery, and wonders what it might change about her travel rhythm.

As it turns out, the transition is even harder than she imagined. Heat, lack of trees, and worries about rattlesnakes and grizzly bears, are only a few of her troubles.

Three days into being in Montana, she’s grateful to make it to Missoula for a day of recuperation.

Released April 10, 2018

Episode 5: Making it to Seattle

Portland, OR to Seattle, WA | May 17-25, 2017   | Subscribe


The first leg of the Women Who Dare ride comes to a close in Episode 5: Making it to Seattle. In this episode, Kerry rides four, much-needed, solitary days from Portland, OR to Bainbridge Island, WA.

From a home base on Bainbridge, Kerry makes a day trip in to Seattle, and a four-day tour to the north, including stops in Port Townsend and Anacortes.

After it’s all said and done, she takes some time to reflect on the first 1500 miles of this journey.

Released April 3, 2018

Interview: Carol Hasse, sailmaker and owner of Port Townsend Sails

Recorded May 24, 2017 in Port Townsend, WA  | Subscribe

Carol Hasse is a sailmaker in Port Townsend, WA. She’s owned, designed, and made sails at Port Townsend Sails for nearly 40 years.

But, Carol’s path to sailmaking was not direct. She grew up on the shores of the Colombia River, with dreams of becoming a doctor. But, after a year in college, she took off to explore the world–first, by hitchhiking from Europe, then throughout the Pacific by boat.

Along the way, she realized she loved the Pacific Northwest. So, she returned to the area to help some friends build a boat. In the process, she learned how to make sails from a master sailmaker, and has been doing it ever since.

Kerry found Carol at her sail loft in Port Townsend. After a tour of the loft and the nearby Marine Center, Kerry and Carol talked world exploration, hiring an all-female crew, and guiding life principles.

Released April 3, 2018



Episode 4: Rain, A Snake, and Tailwinds

Bend, OR to Portland, OR | May 8-16, 2017   | Subscribe


After taking 3 days to cross eastward over the Cascades, Kerry takes a day of rest in Bend, then travels back over the Cascades to the west. Along the way down, she finds rain and a snake surprise.

Then, she rides from Eugene north through the Willamette Valley, eventually ending up in Portland, Oregon. In Portland, she takes a few days rest and interviews Crystal Rutland, CEO of Particle Design, Kaeli Casati, builder, filmmaker, artist, and educator, and Su Embree, president and principal of DHM Research.

Next week marks the end of Leg 1 of Women Who Dare. 

Released March 27, 2018

Interview: Su Embree, president and principal of DHM Research

Recorded May 16, 2017 in Portland, OR  | Subscribe

Su Embree is president and principal of DHM Research, a research firm dedicated to bringing accurate public opinion data to lawmakers and other big decision-makers. Su came to DHM as the 3rd employee. After her first year, rather than ask for a raise, she asked for a stake in the profits. Since then, she’s worked hard to grow the company.

In addition to her work at DHM Research, Su sits on numerous boards, including being president of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Portland. As president she’s working on an incubator program for women- and minority-owned businesses.

Kerry found Su at the DHM offices in Portland, OR. They talked about the importance of using numbers to tell as story and the fallacy of the work/life balance.

Released March 27, 2018



Interview: Kaeli Casati, builder, filmmaker, artist, and educator

Recorded May 16, 2017 in Portland, OR  | Subscribe

Kaeli Casati is a builder, filmmaker, artist, and educator in Portland, OR. She started her career in the trades with a apprenticeship program from Oregon Tradeswomen. Since then, she has been a carpenter and a plumber’s apprentice. Recently she was the construction educator and manager on the set of Sista in the Brotherhood, a short film about being a woman of color in the construction industry. That experience helped spark her new path in the filmmaking industry.

Kerry found Kaeli at her home in Portland, Oregon. Kerry and Kaeli talked about how the trades give Kaeli the ability to work when and where she’d like, so she can continue pursuing other creative endeavors.

Released March 27, 2018



Interview: Crystal Rutland, founder and CEO of Particle Design

Recorded May 15, 2017 in Portland, OR  | Subscribe

Crystal Rutland is the president and CEO of Particle Design, a user-centered design firm partnered with Jaguar Land Rover, Intel, HP, and Dreamworks. Crystal founded Particle Design 9 years ago, after working at Intel and with various other start ups.

Kerry caught up with Crystal at the Particle Design offices in Portland, OR. They talked about being a woman-owned engineering firm and how Crystal has structured her company to allow the best ideas come to market.

Released March 27, 2018