After training hard all summer and finding out my super fast adventure racing teammates were not going to be making the trip to nationals in Georgia, I decided to test myself in a solo ironman. Without a support team or cheering fans, it would be a mental test for my own enjoyment.

The day dawned cool and gray, with only a hint of fog. For fear of powerboats, I swam my 2.2 miles in the Monroe County YMCA pool. The bike ride took me on a new route through Spencer, Clay City, Worthington, and Solsberry. With a detour for road construction, a missed water fill-up, and an emergency stop for quick sugar-energy, the riding was merely a successful grind. Fortunately, a good friend met me at home for the switch to running. With bladder pack, headlamp, and food, the trip around my favorite bike loop on foot was surprisingly easy. Well, that is, until the last five uphill miles. Those were driven by the deep longing to be done and the knowledge that running is faster than walking.

Self-Supported Ironman:

Swim (77 laps on a meter pool): 1:06

Bike (111 miles out to Clay City and back): 7:38

Run (26.2 miles): 4:42

Transitions and other route delays: 1:06

Total: 14:32