I know there’s not always a quick and easy answer to the question, “Who is a woman that inspires you?” So, thank you to everyone who has taken the time to mull over the question. Your recommendations of inspirational women are really the centerpiece of the Women Who Dare project.

In addition to my continued thanks for suggestions of inspirational women, I’m excited to announce that Women Who Dare is:

Funded to the First Stop! 

Between Indiegogo and offline contributions, Women Who Dare has raised $2,045. That’s enough funds to head out the door and interview the first amazing woman.

Check out the graphic below to see how your contributions will support the project. Interested in more detail on the project budget? Check out this page.


Contributions and suggestions of inspirational women will be accepted through March 31st. That gives you just over three weeks to spread the word!

Isn’t it a good thing that three weeks is plenty of time to spread the word and give your friends time to mull over their tales of inspiration?

Just in case you need it, here’s the link for suggesting a woman.

And here’s the link to support the project on Indiegogo. (If you prefer to make an offline contribution, feel free to drop me a note: kerry.m.gross[at]gmail.com)


Thank you for all your  continued support!


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During the past two weeks I’ve been privileged to talk to many people about Women Who Dare. In these conversations I’ve been asked three important questions. Knowing that you might have wondered similar things, I’ve used this update to provide some answers.

First, a quick request.

As someone interested in the Women Who Dare project, you must know other people who would be interested, too. Please take a moment to share information about the project with these people. Their stories of inspiration and suggestions of women to include can only improve the project. 


Now, three questions and answers.

Why are you focusing on women?

In my experience, stories of men’s accomplishments are much easier to come by than those of women.To see for yourself, turn on Sports Center on any day of the week and count the number of stories featuring women. (Don’t watch TV? Check out the gender balance of Congress or female representation on corporate boards.) Though the impact of deemphasizing women’s accomplishments is hard to measure, one recent study shows that girls as young as 6 are more likely to think “that brilliance and genius are male traits.” 

One way to ensure young girls know that intelligence, strength, and courage are traits they can possess is by giving them role models who demonstrate these qualities and who look like them. Further, we ourselves, as citizens, parents, siblings, and friends, would all benefit from more examples of women’s accomplishments.

So, by focusing on women, I’m making an incremental increase to the pool of stories about inspirational, daring women.


Are you looking for a specific type of inspiration or daring?

No, I’m not looking for any one type of daring activity. One of my goals is to show the range of qualities that we find inspiring in others. Any woman you might be considering is perfect for the project, as long as (1) she identifies as a woman, (2) she inspires you, and (3) you hope she can be reached and included as a part of Women Who Dare.


Are you really going to reach all these women by bike?

I am going to plan a route that reaches as many Women Who Dare as possible. In all likelihood I will not make it to interview every amazing woman who has been suggested. That said, I am expecting to cross the U.S. and should be hitting many major metropolitan areas. The only location caveat is that the woman should be within the continental United States.

(Sorry Alaska, Hawaii, and the rest of the world, I won’t be making that trip this year. If all goes well, maybe there will be a future adventure to tell your stories!)


Have questions of your own?

Please send me an email (or get in touch on Facebook, if that suits you better). I’d love to hear your thoughts!

— Kerry (kerry.m.gross [at] gmail [dot] com)


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It’s been one week since I officially kicked off Women Who Dare and the support for the project has been so encouraging. A huge shout out to everyone who has suggested a woman, shared the project with their friends and family, and contributed to the Indiegogo campaign. This project would not be possible with out your help, so thank you.


Amazing early suggestions

I’ve been reading through some submissions and every suggestion I read makes me more excited to do the project. With little jazzed butterflies in my stomach, I think, “Yeah! Yeah! This woman is awesome! I can’t wait to meet her!”

Lest you think these early suggestions adhere to some pattern or form, let me tell you a little bit about them. Ranging from a mountain-climbing biochemist to a fashion designer, from a new foster mother to a highly successful entrepreneur, these women hail from all walks of professional life. More importantly, their titles do not fully convey the inspiration they’ve lent to the people around them and to the world. Others have been inspired by their tenacity in the face of adversity, their goal-driven aspirations, and their guidance and mentorship of others.


Stay a part of the project

If you haven’t yet suggested a woman, do not fear! There is still time to tell me about the woman or women who’ve inspired you.

If you’ve already suggested a woman and are wondering how else to help, please spread the word about the project! I’m sure you have a friend or loved one who would be interested in suggesting a woman, contributing to the campaign, or staying up-to-date on the project progress.


Cheers to a successful first week!


–  Kerry


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Sharing the stories of Women Who Dare has been my driving ambition for many months. Through training for adventure racing and finishing graduate school my internal refrain was “Soon, I can make Women Who Dare a reality.”

Now, the time has come for me to put the Women Who Dare project in motion. I’m excited about the prospect of biking across the country in search of women who’ve inspired my friends, family, and many others beyond. By sharing my experiences and the stories of Women Who Dare, I hope to do my small part in strengthening the standing of women around the world. 

Thank you for all your support.











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