Episode 11: Long Ride to Minneapolis

Ankeney, IA to Minneapolis, MN | July 6-11, 2017 |Subscribe

Before leaving Ankeny, Kerry spends some time researching camping spots. Come to find out, most Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in Iowa are fair game. So, she circles them on her map and heads off. Turns out, this part of Iowa is as flat as she expected.

Though, at first arrival, the Big Wall Lake WMA seemed totally deserted, Kerry actually had lots of company. All of them kind and curious, some of them particularly generous.

Camping at Harmon WMA was equally successful, complete with a beautiful sunset. (And mosquitos polite enough to wait until Kerry was in her tent before descending in hoards.)

While the first day in Minnesota provided some tricky construction detours, Kerry eventually makes it to Minneapolis for the start of a long stay.

Released May 22, 2018


Interview: Jennifer Christensen, Teacher at Prodeo Academy

Recorded July 11, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN  | Subscribe

Jennifer Christensen is a teacher at Prodeo Academy, a charter school in North Minneapolis. Though she never expected to become a teacher, she’s been teaching kindergarten ever since she left college. For her, teaching is the perfect combination of psychology, social work, and learning.

Jen is a huge believer in the need to listen and understand to overcome difference. As a teacher in a low-income, predominantly non-white area, Jen spends much of her time thinking about race and interconnected systems of disadvantage.

Kerry found Jen at her home in Minneapolis, MN. They talked about race, education, and how to have hard conversations about race and privilege.

Released May 22, 2018




Interview: Sarah Stoesz, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota

Recorded July 10, 2017 in St. Paul, MN  | Subscribe

Sarah Stoesz has been the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota for more than 15 years. During her long professional career, Sarah has worked in social justice, politics, and corporate health care. Along the way, she used her carefully honed moral compass to guide her decision-making.

Kerry found Sarah at her offices in St. Paul, Minnesota. They talked about how to cultivate a moral compass, the importance of asking for help, and what YOU can do to help right now.

Released May 22, 2018


Episode 10: Bliss in the Midwest

Denver, CO to Ankeney, IA | June 27-July 5, 2017 | Subscribe


Part 3 of the Women Who Dare ride starts with a train ride from Denver, CO to Lincoln, NB. Arriving in Nebraska during the wee hours of the morning, all Kerry can think about is sleeping.

Once she’s awake, though, she finds the Midwest to be quote delightful. Despite the fact that Iowa is hillier than she expected, Kerry enjoys the humid heat and the bountiful green fields.

Plus, the people she’s meeting are unbelievably kind. All of her hosts bend over backward to make her feel comfortable. And, in Winterset, IA, her bike even gets the royal treatment.

Released May 14, 2018

Interview: Sarah Cooper, ultra endurance biker

Recorded July 4, 2017 in Urbandale, IA  | Subscribe

Sarah Cooper is a really fast biker. Especially over ultra long distances. She won the 2017 Race Across America (RAAM) by riding the 3,000 miles from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD in less than 12 days.

But, she wasn’t always this competitive. Her years spent at the back of the pack in triathlons helped teach Sarah that there are other things to enjoy at the finish line than winning. Though she really does like winning, she is driven by her desire to give every race everything she has.

Kerry found Sarah just 10 days after the finish of RAAM, near her home in Urbandale, IA. They talked about the race, recovering from race-induced injury, and what’s next.

Released May 14, 2018


Interview: Vicki Cowart, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains

Recorded June 27, 2017 in Denver, CO  | Subscribe

Vicki Cowart has been the President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains for 15 years. But, this isn’t where her career started. Vicki spent the first 26 years of her working life in the geological sciences.

A self-described nerd, Vicki loved the challenge of math and geophysics. But, as she progressed in her career, she realized much of her engergy and lots of her excitement was put into women’s issues. From helping found the Association for Women Geoscientists to trying to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment to serving on the board of NARAL, much of Vicki’s life has been dedicated to leveling the playing field for women. Repotting herself in the world of Planned Parenthood has been a natural extension of this passion.

Kerry found Vicki at her home in Denver, CO. They talked about the importance of Planned Parenthood, following your passion, and how to keep positive energy in hard times.

Released May 14, 2018


Episode 9: Escaping Wyoming

Lander, WY to Denver, CO| June 16-27, 2017 | Subscribe


Kerry arrives in Lander on the back of a nice tailwind. In town, she finds a new way to yard sale.

Then, she leaves town for 5 more days of riding through wide-open Wyoming. Sometimes the landcape looks like Mars.

But, mostly it’s gray-green with sage grass and unbelievably large skies.

Released May 1, 2018

Interview: Maureen Beck, world champion adaptive rock climber

Recorded June 26, 2017 in Boulder, CO |Subscribe

Maureen Beck is a badass rock climber who happens to only have one hand. Though people often tell her she’s an inspiration, she’d much rather be a motivation. What’s the difference? Well, she thinks the problem with inspiration is that you don’t ever have to take action. When you’re motivated, you do something.

And, Maureen does plenty of things. She trains in the gym four evenings a week, and on the weekends she’s out in the mountains: hiking, climbing, or backcountry fly fishing.

She grew up in Maine, and went to school in Vermont, but now she calls Colorado home. Kerry found her at a coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado. They talked about motivation, adaptive life, and being a world champion.

Released May 1, 2018








Interview: Lorraine Moller, 4-time Olympic runner

Recorded June 26, 2017 in Boulder, CO |Subscribe


Lorraine Moller is a four-time Olympic running and bronze medalist in the 1992 marathon. She started her international running career when she was 16—back when the longest Olympic race open to women was the 1500m, and women were considered the “weaker sex.” Throughout her 25-year career, Lorraine has seen the dismantling of many barriers to women’s athletics and has been a pioneer in women’s running.

Since retiring from her elite running career, Lorraine has helped found numerous races around the world, and has dedicated herself to continuing Arthur Lydiard’s seminal coaching methodologies. Currently, she achieves this through her leadership of the Lydiard Foundation.

Kerry found Lorraine in Boulder, Colorado. They talked about breaking barriers in women’s athletics and the mindfulness that arises from long distance running.

Released May 1, 2018








Episode 8: Redefining Remoteness

Mammoth Hot Springs, WY to Lander, WY | June 9-16, 2017   | Subscribe

Cold winds in Yellowstone turn to rain, and Kerry melts into a miserable puddle. A rare night in a hotel room makes everything better, and she can climb over the Continental Divide again the next day.

A couple days in Idaho aren’t without weather stress, but they do give Kerry some time to realize why Montana was so mentally brutal. Then, it’s time to climb again and go see the Tetons from the other side.

This episode ends with one more mountain pass and riding a rocking downhill tailwind for two days into Lander, Wyoming.

Released April 24, 2018