Episode 8: Redefining Remoteness

Mammoth Hot Springs, WY to Lander, WY | June 9-16, 2017   | Subscribe

Cold winds in Yellowstone turn to rain, and Kerry melts into a miserable puddle. A rare night in a hotel room makes everything better, and she can climb over the Continental Divide again the next day.

A couple days in Idaho aren’t without weather stress, but they do give Kerry some time to realize why Montana was so mentally brutal. Then, it’s time to climb again and go see the Tetons from the other side.

This episode ends with one more mountain pass and riding a rocking downhill tailwind for two days into Lander, Wyoming.

Released April 24, 2018

Episode 7: Redefining Remoteness

Missoula, MT to Mammoth Hot Springs, WY | June 1-8, 2017   | Subscribe

Mostly recovered from food poisoning, Kerry sets off for a five-day ride through Montana, from Missoula to Bozeman. Along the way, she finds a riding companion, a new definition for remoteness, and continues to be amazed by wide-open spaces.

Somewhere in there, she also has a birthday and learns a few things about the Big Hole Battlefield National Monument. Then, she rests in Bozeman before riding on to Yellowstone National Park.

She also gets stuck in a thunderstorm. Thank goodness for dumpsters.

Released April 17, 2018

Episode 6: Rough Transitions

Seattle, WA to Missoula, MT | May 26-31, 2017   | Subscribe

 Starting with her first true zero day of the trip, Kerry prepares to leave the west coast and catch a train to Whitefish, Montana. When she arrives, she’s amazed at the change in scenery, and wonders what it might change about her travel rhythm.

As it turns out, the transition is even harder than she imagined. Heat, lack of trees, and worries about rattlesnakes and grizzly bears, are only a few of her troubles.

Three days into being in Montana, she’s grateful to make it to Missoula for a day of recuperation.

Released April 10, 2018

Episode 5: Making it to Seattle

Portland, OR to Seattle, WA | May 17-25, 2017   | Subscribe


The first leg of the Women Who Dare ride comes to a close in Episode 5: Making it to Seattle. In this episode, Kerry rides four, much-needed, solitary days from Portland, OR to Bainbridge Island, WA.

From a home base on Bainbridge, Kerry makes a day trip in to Seattle, and a four-day tour to the north, including stops in Port Townsend and Anacortes.

After it’s all said and done, she takes some time to reflect on the first 1500 miles of this journey.

Released April 3, 2018

Episode 4: Rain, A Snake, and Tailwinds

Bend, OR to Portland, OR | May 8-16, 2017   | Subscribe


After taking 3 days to cross eastward over the Cascades, Kerry takes a day of rest in Bend, then travels back over the Cascades to the west. Along the way down, she finds rain and a snake surprise.

Then, she rides from Eugene north through the Willamette Valley, eventually ending up in Portland, Oregon. In Portland, she takes a few days rest and interviews Crystal Rutland, CEO of Particle Design, Kaeli Casati, builder, filmmaker, artist, and educator, and Su Embree, president and principal of DHM Research.

Next week marks the end of Leg 1 of Women Who Dare. 

Released March 27, 2018

Episode 3: Pushing Too Hard

Inverness Park, CA to Bend, OR | April 26-May 8, 2017   | Subscribe


After an easy first 5 days, Kerry dives into a long 13 days of riding. First, she spends six days riding up the coast of California, with a brief detour inland to avoid the Lost Coast. Though riding Route 1 up the California coast is beautiful, it’s also filled with headwinds and flat tires.

From the northwestern corner of California, she turns east into Oregon for a rest day in Ashland. While there, she stresses about crossing the Cascades. Where will she get water? Will there be snow? And what about the cold?

In the end, she makes it to Bend and interviews Kristin Luck.

Released March 20, 2018

Episode 2: First Days on the Road

Fairfield, CA to Inverness Park, CA | April 21-25, 2017   | Subscribe

Before host Kerry Gross can officially start the Women Who Dare ride, she has a few things to finish up. First, she takes a quick shakedown ride. Then, she skis one last day and packs her belongings.

Finally, she hits the road! The first five days take her from Fairfield, CA to Berkeley, CA and then north to Petaluma and Inverness Park. Along the way, she finds headwinds, hunger, and three remarkable women.

Released March 13, 2018

Episode 1: Plotting the Project

Winter 2017   | Subscribe

Host Kerry Gross knew she would spend the spring and summer biking to meet and interview remarkable women. What she didn’t know was who she would talk to, what route she would take, or how to pay for it all. So, she spent the winter figuring it out.

First, she asked people for their recommendations of women who’ve inspired them, in their lives. Then, she took those recommendations and plotted out five 1,200 mile routes, connected by Amtrak. Here’s what the plan looked like:

Meanwhile, she worked on gathering funding for the project. The process had its ups and downs. Well, to be honest, they were mostly downs.

Then, it was nearly time to go! So, Kerry rushed around finding the right gear for the trip. Here it all is, just before being packed:

Released March 6, 2018

Episode 0: Origins Story

Women Who Dare from the beginning |Subscribe

Kerry Gross wanted more stories of inspirational women. So, she decided to spend 5 months biking 5,700 miles to find them. The Women Who Dare podcast is the result. This is its origin story. The first episode premiers March 6.

Released February 1, 2018