Episode 11: Long Ride to Minneapolis

Ankeney, IA to Minneapolis, MN | July 6-11, 2017 |Subscribe

Before leaving Ankeny, Kerry spends some time researching camping spots. Come to find out, most Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in Iowa are fair game. So, she circles them on her map and heads off. Turns out, this part of Iowa is as flat as she expected.

Though, at first arrival, the Big Wall Lake WMA seemed totally deserted, Kerry actually had lots of company. All of them kind and curious, some of them particularly generous.

Camping at Harmon WMA was equally successful, complete with a beautiful sunset. (And mosquitos polite enough to wait until Kerry was in her tent before descending in hoards.)

While the first day in Minnesota provided some tricky construction detours, Kerry eventually makes it to Minneapolis for the start of a long stay.

Released May 22, 2018