Episode 14: Crossing Ohio

Bloomington, IN to Pittsburgh, PA | July 28-August 5, 2017 |Subscribe

Leaving Bloomington, IN, Kerry has eight days to ride 500 miles to Pittsburgh, PA. The first day starts on roads that Kerry loves, but quickly devolves into ugly, flat two-lane highway.

The next day isn’t terribly much better, with Kerry’s mind playing funny tricks with passing drivers. If this misery keeps up, it’s going to be a long ride to Pittsburgh.

Brighter futures are to be found in Ohio, where Kerry meets the operations manager for the Dayton-area Metro Parks, who gives her better directions onto bike paths. Soon, she’s cruising on the Ohio to Erie Trail toward Columbus.

Then, after 6 days in Ohio, Kerry finally crosses into Pennsylvania, riding down Route 51 into Pittsburgh for a rest day.

Released June 12, 2018