Episode 16: First Taste of New England

Camden, ME to Boston, MA | August 15-30, 2017 |Subscribe

From Washington, DC, Kerry takes the night train back to Boston and gets a ride back to Maine. Though the drive feels too fast, in comparison to touring speed, it has the benefit of getting her back to Maine in time to celebrate her friend’s wedding.

Soon enough, it’s time to start off again on the final, northeastern leg of the Women Who Dare ride. For the first 10 miles of Part 5, Kerry is joined by her mom. Then, Kerry cointines on south while her mom loops home again.

The way south through Maine is filled with time spent with family and friends. Finally, after a few days of riding and few days of visiting, Kerry makes it out of Maine, along the beautiful New Hampshire coast, and into Massachusetts.


Released June 26, 2018