Episode 18: The End of the Road

Buckland, MA to Camden, ME | September 6-17, 2017 and Beyond | Subscribe

When Kerry leaves Buckland, MA, she knows she’ll be wrapping up the Women Who Dare ride soon, but she still isn’t sure where. A few days on the road in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island provide some clarity. It’s time to head home to Maine.

But first, some relaxation and reflection in a favorite place.

After that, it’s time to start heading north again. Tracing the bubble of route 495 through Massachusetts, Kerry finds family and friends. Then, she rides up the coast of New Hampshire and Maine as far as Brunswick. She spends her final night on the road playing games with friends and her final day riding north and then east to Camden.

Her parents even ride along with her as she comes into town.

And, with that, the Women Who Dare ride is officially over. But, there’s sure to be more from the Women Who Dare project. Join the email list to be the first to know what’s coming next!


Released July 10, 2018