Interview: Amy Hatch, founder of Garage Grown Gear

Recorded June 12, 2017 in Driggs, ID |Subscribe


Amy Hatch is the founder of Garage Grown Gear, a company that finds, reviews and sells good outdoor gear made by small start ups. She started Garage Grown Gear after years of finding new outdoor gear by crawling through online message boards and stopping passersby. Figuring that other people would also be interested in an easier way to find small gear companies, Amy jumped full-force into starting Garage Grown Gear.

Three years later, Garage Grown Gear has grown into a flourishing online gear commerce site and online magazine. Along the way, Amy has learned a few things about being a business owner.

Kerry found Amy at her offices in Driggs, Idaho. They talked about starting companies, getting outside, and the importance of being honest.

Released April 24, 2018