Interview: Ann Bancroft, Polar Explorer

Recorded July 13, 2017 in Minneapolis, MN  | Subscribe

Ann Bancroft started her professional life as an elementary school teacher, working at a gear shop on the weekends to keep her foot in the outdoor world. Then, she learned of a polar exploration leaving from Minnesota. And she wanted in. When they opened a spot for one woman on the team, she applied. And they offered it to her! Thus started her time as a real-life polar explorer.

Since reaching the North Pole–as the first woman to do so–she’s led a group of women across Greenland and to the South Pole. She’s also crossed Antartica, and is now exploring waterways on all seven continents.

Kerry found Ann in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They talked about the appeal of the polar regions, difficulties in finding funding, and Ann’s continued mission to educate others (and herself).

Released May 29, 2018