Interview: Beth Leonard, sailor, author, and world circumnavigator

Recorded August 13, 2017 in Arlington, VA  | Subscribe

 Beth Leonard was once an international business consultant for McKinsey. After a harrowing flight, plus some encouragement from her husband, they quit their consulting jobs and headed out for a quick sailing adventure. Coming back home after their first 3 years of circumnavigation didn’t feel right. So, they decided to return to the ocean once more.

Now, more than 20 years later, Beth is back ashore with new insights on life. She’s found a job helping a business grow, rather than intentionally shrinking, she’s learning how to translate the priorities she gained at sea back into her shore life, and she’s looking forward to writing more soon.

Kerry found Beth at her home in Arlington, VA. They talked about partnership, sailing, and fulfilling one’s own needs.

Released June 19, 2018