Interview: Ilona Popper, poet, writer, and naturalist

Recorded June 8, 2017 in Gardiner, MT  | Subscribe


Ilona Popper is a poet, writer, and naturalist. Her interest in both writing and wildlife started at a young age; but, at first, she made her life only from writing. To support her creative work, both then and now, she works as a writing teacher and editor.

In her 40s, Ilona decided she needed to reengage with wildlife, and increase her wildlife observation skills. Eventually, she found her way from the east coast to Yellowstone, to be closer to her animal of greatest interest: wolves. Now, she balances her focus between writing, citizen naturalist activities, and working.

Kerry found Ilona in Gardiner, Montana, just north of Yellowstone National Park. They talked about being a naturalist, managing a non-mainstream life, and strategies for good self care.

Released April 17, 2018