Interview: Lora Woodward, previous Program Director at Venture Outdoors

Recorded August 6, 2017 in Connellsville, PA  | Subscribe

Lora Woodward spent 10 years working for Venture Outdoors, helping Pittsburghers get outside and enjoy nature in western Pennsylvania. She started working for Venture Outdoors after attending college in Pittsburgh, and then living and teaching English in Thailand. Though she loved this time away, she felt called back to Pittsburgh because of all the things this area has to offer outdoorswomen.

Starting out at Venture Outdoors as a Program Coordinator, Lora built her skills enough to eventually become the Program Director. This steady increase in knowledge and capacity is a defining characteristic of Lora’s life path. Now, she’s working as a life coach and trainer, using her skills to help others move toward their personal life goals. Check out her new company, Coach Outdoors!

Kerry found Lora in Connellsville, PA. They talked about learning new things and how to find the next right opportunity.

Released June 12, 2018