Interview: Lorraine Moller, 4-time Olympic runner

Recorded June 26, 2017 in Boulder, CO |Subscribe


Lorraine Moller is a four-time Olympic running and bronze medalist in the 1992 marathon. She started her international running career when she was 16—back when the longest Olympic race open to women was the 1500m, and women were considered the “weaker sex.” Throughout her 25-year career, Lorraine has seen the dismantling of many barriers to women’s athletics and has been a pioneer in women’s running.

Since retiring from her elite running career, Lorraine has helped found numerous races around the world, and has dedicated herself to continuing Arthur Lydiard’s seminal coaching methodologies. Currently, she achieves this through her leadership of the Lydiard Foundation.

Kerry found Lorraine in Boulder, Colorado. They talked about breaking barriers in women’s athletics and the mindfulness that arises from long distance running.

Released May 1, 2018