Interview: Maureen Beck, world champion adaptive rock climber

Recorded June 26, 2017 in Boulder, CO |Subscribe

Maureen Beck is a badass rock climber who happens to only have one hand. Though people often tell her she’s an inspiration, she’d much rather be a motivation. What’s the difference? Well, she thinks the problem with inspiration is that you don’t ever have to take action. When you’re motivated, you do something.

And, Maureen does plenty of things. She trains in the gym four evenings a week, and on the weekends she’s out in the mountains: hiking, climbing, or backcountry fly fishing.

She grew up in Maine, and went to school in Vermont, but now she calls Colorado home. Kerry found her at a coffee shop in Boulder, Colorado. They talked about motivation, adaptive life, and being a world champion.

Released May 1, 2018