Interview: Rebecca Goodale, book artist

Recorded August 27, 2017 in Freeport, ME  | Subscribe

Rebecca Goodale is a book artist and Art Department faculty member at The University of Southern Maine. Her passion for making books started when she was quite young–she sold her first book, My Chicken, to her mother for a quarter.

Her teaching career started much later, when she took a position in Georgia State University as a way to fund her burgeoning career as an artist. Since then, she’s grown to embody the teacher role, even if she will always be an artist first.

Though many of her pieces (which can be seen here) are solo works, Rebecca also loves to collaborate. As she comments, “I think when I collaborate, we’re no longer [two people], we’re this new being. And that’s really fun.”

Kerry found Rebecca at her home in Freeport, ME. There, they talked about making a life from art, working in collaboration, and being a feminist.

Released June 26, 2018