After spending 21 weeks riding 5700 miles through 19 states, I can officially say that the riding portion of the Women Who Dare project has come to a close. 

Two weeks have passed since I took this celebratory selfie with my parents. That night, I unpacked my bags knowing that I wouldn’t be re-packing them within the foreseeable future. Though I was excited to have a place to leave things where I could come back to them, I was a bit wary of non-nomadic life.

It turns out that I shouldn’t have been so apprehensive, as my life has continued to put me on the move. One week after finishing my own riding, my brother finished the PCT. We reunited in the woods of the very Northern Cascades and have been traveling together ever since.

As we take a less labor-intensive trip back east, I look forward to having time to digest and write about the journey and to compile the Women Who Dare podcast. There are so many incredible tales of badass women still untold, now it is time for me to do my part and share them with you all! If you have burning questions (or things you think would be interesting to know about the past five months), give me a shout

Finally, to close out this “I made it!” post, here is a small example of the many notes I’m compiling about the past five months.